Frequently asked questions

Q: The name!!1?
A: Ah yes, Bathroom Epiphanies =) At my very extended time at the university (Stockholm for those interested) during computer science studies, a friend of mine and me kept coming back from the lavatories with new insights. He then introduced me to the expression. I bluntly took it for myself.
Q: Why keyboards?
A: For a very long time I typed away happily on my trusty KeyTronic. When it finally started acting up a on me, like any peripheral would after years of use (and abuse), I started searching for a new good keyboard. I knew there had to be better than all the crappy ones you come across on a daily basis. I soon found out about the wonders of mechanical, Cherry as well as Topre.
Soon after purchasing my first mechanical boards I realized; I can build this myself, and fix that stupid qwerty staggering while I am at it. Not that I knew almost anything about electronics... I had found the Teensy along with PJRC's keyboard example, and soldering I have always been good at.
Q: Did you by any chance have a tracking number for that?
A: If you need to ask, then probably no. Five bucks doesn't pay for any tracking. Postage is very cheap on the small envelopes with a few controllers. They go by as letters.
Mail services all around the world has surprised me in their promptness and reliablity. Next to nothing has ever gotten lost. And that includes shipments all over Europe, Eastern Asia and North America.