This is a collection of keybards.

The Six Shooter

Keyboard model: CM Storm Cherry MX Switch Tester
Microcontroller: External Teensy 2.0
Number of keys: 6 Cherry MX, GPIO to GND
LEDs: 6 with PWM
Design date: 2015-02-11

The Firefly experimental

Microcontroller: On-board ATmega32u2
Number of keys: 7 tactile buttons, GPIO to GND
LEDs: 1 Cree PLCC6 RGB (3×PWM)
Design date: 2014-10-24

The Blue Pill experimental

Keyboard case: Poker
Microcontroller: Any external, through serial protocol
External logic: 9 on-board 74HC165 8-bit shift registers
Number of keys: 69 Cheery MX, shift registers with pull-up to GND
LEDs: 23 with PWM, driven by 1 TLC5947 LED driver chip
Design date: 2014-10-13

The ErgoDox discontinued

Microcontroller: External Teensy 2.0
Extra logic: MCP23018 I/O Expander
Number of keys: 2×38 Cherry MX, dual 6 rows by 7 columns
LEDs: 3 with PWM
Design date: 2012-08-02

The Phantom discontinued

Keyboard case: Filco Majestouch TKL
Microcontroller: External Teensy 2.0
Number of keys: ? Cherry MX, 6 rows by 17 columns
LEDs: 2 with PWM (multiple location)
Design date: 2013-01-20

Symmetric Stagger Board discontinued

Keyboard model: Filco Majestouch
Microcontroller: External Teensy++ 2.0
Matrix size: 6 rows by 23 columns
LED channels: 3 with PWM (multiple location)
Design date: 2011-05-17